Mission Statement: Empowering our future leaders of medicine.

Vision Summary: Our aim is to provide guidance and opportunities to underrepresented youth who face unique challenges in entering the world of medicine. By immersing them into clinical practice, educating them on the different paths of becoming successful in medicine, engaging them in matters involved with controversies in medicine, and exposing them to the challenges faced with medicine today we can begin their development as future leaders in medicine.

Statement of Need: Medicine is facing a shortage that can almost triple by the year 2030. With the concomitant change in the practice of medicine from a volume-based to a value-based system we have to foster physicians who are medically and culturally competent. However, there continues to be a disparity between racial and ethnic groups in U.S. medical school graduates. In addition, there is an increasing number of applicants without an appropriate rise in the number of medical school positions. These situations highlight a need to better prepare high school students who are likely to be more impacted with the challenges of pursuing a career in medicine.

1)    Create a layout of the different paths into entering medicine
2)    Describe the different types of colleges
3)    Guide them in the application processes of both college and medical school
4)    Advise them in how to be successful in college and medical school
5)    Highlight the types of assistance and enrichment programs available
6)    Provide mentorship with high school students, medical students, and resident physicians
7)    Emphasize the different forms of impact physicians can have, which include the disciplines of academic, public health, and advocacy medicine
8)    Immerse them into clinical practice and teach them basic medical skills
9)    Present other types of careers in medicine, which can range from respiratory therapist to registered nurse to physician assistant
10)    Improve their skills in resume building, networking, public speaking, and interviewing 
11)    Familiarize them with the idea of grit and wellness
12)    Begin their development as physician leaders
13)    Encourage them to create ideas and propose them
14)    Have their families participate and assist with creating a successful environment

In partnership with Upward Bound & TRIO programs, the mediGOAL program provides guidance to local high school students interested in a career in medicine. 

RUHS residents and faculty, if interested in participating in mediGOAL (mentorship program or program liaison) please fill out this form