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Everyone has an opportunity in creating their community which allows them to live their best and healthiest lifestyle. When people are healthy, they are able to more fully participate in our economy, exercise the opportunity of civic engagement and involvement, as well as pursue their own hopes and dreams.

CalFresh Healthy Living is a statewide initiative that supports healthy, active and nourished lifestyles. For the past 10 years, Riverside County CalFresh Healthy Living has provided funding for communities along with our staff to assist in creating policies, systems and environmental change for healthier living.  Our Public Private partnerships in communities work to make healthy choices easier, leading to many of our local success stories. For more information, send us an email or call (951) 358-5311.

“True change can happen when people committed to advancing equity come together to do extraordinary things – positively changing organizations, institutions and the places they live.”

~ Dr. Tiffany Manuel, The Case Made

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