LPS 5150 Certification & Oversight

Riverside University Health System- Behavioral Health’s LPS 5150 Certification & Oversight department provides 5150 training coordination, 5150 authorization, oversight of involuntary holds written including feedback for quality improvement, as well as, guidance and technical assistance relating to 5150 involuntary hospitalizations.

For questions or concerns relating to 5150 authorization and involuntary hospitalizations, please contact LPS 5150 Certification & Oversight either by phone at (951) 358-4544 or via email at 5150@ruhealth.org. To apply for 5150 authorization, please submit an Application for 5150 Authorization to 5150@ruhealth.org.

As a reminder, when a 5150 hold is written, please fax a copy of the 5150 to LPS 5150 Certification & Oversight at (951) 351-8027 within 1-3 business days. Recurrent failure to do so may result in 5150 authorization being terminated.

Below are additional 5150-related forms and documents:

Training and Supporting Documentation for Psychiatrists seeking authorization to interrupt 5150 holds in the field via telehealth