Epidemiology & Program Evaluation

The Data Unit of the RUHS Epidemiology & Program Evaluation Branch is home to a team of epidemiologists and research specialists who analyze data, prepare reports and presentations, and use statistics and Geographic Information System (GIS) to guide program and policy development. We collaborate with community partners to ensure the availability of accurate and comprehensive health data, working together to identify, evaluate, and report on emerging diseases and their risk factors to empower our residents to make the best decisions about their health.

Please review the information and resources below for the latest available reports and data. Feel free to submit a data request or contact us at (951) 358-5557.

Epidemiology & Program Data Reports and Statistics
Epidemiology & Program Community Health Data

Riverside County provides a one-stop resource for online access to community health indicators and related resources that impact the health of Riverside County. 

Community Health Data

Epidemiology & Program Data Requests

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