Shannon McCleerey-Hooper

Deputy Director of Peer Support Services

On a mission to ensure the people of Riverside County get the best chance of finding mental health and substance use recovery, Shannon is a longstanding peer support leader in the Riverside University Health System. Riverside relies on the Deputy Director's oversight, so peer providers in the system of care are providing services in all behavioral health programs, adhering to the evidence-based practice of peer support, as defined by SAMHSA and the Medi-Cal Peer Support Code of Ethics. As a peer, herself, she oversees all aspects of peer-provided services system wide.




Kristen Duffy

Peer Support Services Program Manager

As a consumer of behavioral health recovery services herself, Kristen has worked to bring consumers in recovery into new levels of resiliency and recovery leadership. Kristen has provided consumer peer support services in a myriad of treatment environments, where she has role-modeled the core competencies of the evidence-based practice of peer support. Kristen oversees the Consumer Peer Services Unit that supports employees working on treatment teams, who self-identify with their own lived experience of mental health and/or substance use recovery. She is a subject matter expert in the provision of peer support to California state standards and fierce advocate for quality peer provided services to the community.



Willard Wynn

Family Advocate Program Manager

Advocacy for families with loved ones engaged in behavioral health services is Will’s passion. He oversees all family advocacy activities county wide. Family Advocates family-to-family peer support to assist families to understand the intricacies of the behavioral health system, and what they can expect in the days ahead, after their loved one has been diagnosed with a serious behavioral health condition. Will has specific expertise in the collaborative court system in Riverside County, where Family Advocates work with families to better understand what steps they can take to support their loved one you has been incarcerated.



Maria Arnold

Parent Support & Training Program Manager

In her first years as a Parent Partner, Maria was the youngest in her role in the Department. For many years since, Maria Arnold has advocated for parents and families who struggle when their child is having emotional difficulties. Mental health recovery and resiliency, for a child in crisis, is a family affair. Maria’s expertise lies in her familiarity with the complex challenges families face to access the multi-agency supports offered to children and their families. Maria oversees the Parent Support and Training Unit; Parent Partners in the RUHS-BH system of care who provide parent-to-parent peer support, education and resources, that assist the entire family to discover their resiliency, and watch their child learn to thrive.