The Family Advocate Program provides appropriate and relevant services to family members of adults with serious mental health conditions in their respective regions of Riverside County, which are easily accessible and welcoming to them. Family Advocates are charged to advocate on the family member or caregiver’s behalf.

Family Advocates

  • Provide support, education, resources and assistance to navigate the mental health system to family members and caregivers of adults with a serious mental health conditions in adult and mature adult service settings.
  • Develop and facilitate family support groups and educational presentations for family members within their communities and clinics.
  • Collaborate and develop effective relationships with RUSH-BH providers, programs, clinics and community organizations to promote family integration into our mental health services delivery.
  • Lead by example in the area of support, coaching, and act as advisory capacity to RUHS-BH treatment teams.
  • Participate in treatment team meetings, clinic staff meetings and trainings
  • Role model recovery for the family unit

Family Support Groups:

Substance Abuse Family Support Group

If you are a family member of an adult living with a substance abuse challenge and you are in need of a safe place, that offers understanding, encouragement and hope, please join our group. At our family support group you will find information, support, and education to help understand and support your loved one while maintaining your own well-being, learning easy to practice self-care techniques.

Family Support Group

This group provides family members with the education, support, and training to learn self- care techniques. Family members will also engage with other families experiencing challenges as they support a loved one with a mental health diagnosis.

Sibling Support Group

This group provides support to siblings who have a loved one with a mental health diagnosis. You will learn how to utilize resources, coping skills, and education to assist with wellness and long term recovery.

Crisis Support for Families

This support group is for families of an adult loved one moving through a mental health crisis. Families with loved ones currently, or consistently in the psychiatric hospital, jail or having contact with law enforcement. Crisis Support for Families provides information on how to navigate the mental health system and resources to assist the family members through a crisis. The group supports families to stay the course, never give up and continue to hold the HOPE for their loved one.

Please join us.