Vehicle Occupant Diversion Program (VOPD)

The Vehicle Occupant Diversion Program (VOPD) is a two hour education class offered to individuals as part of a reduced fine for those cited in violation of the car seat and or seat belt law.

Requirements for the class can include the following; The Citation must have been received in Riverside County, and participants cited for a car seat violation must bring a federally approved car seat without any recalls to the class.

Trained staff members provide education on the importance of wearing a seat belt, and the dangers of not properly restraining children in a car seat.

For more information on this program, please contact (951) 358-7171.

Low Cost Distribution Program

The low cost car seat program has become a well-recognized system of providing car seats, booster seats  and education to residents of Riverside County.  Residents who qualify for low income programs such as Medi-Cal or WIC may call 1-800-455-4942 to begin the registration process.  Eligible participants must attend a one-hour class (available in English or Spanish) and will receive a car seat or booster seat at the end of the class. 

Classes are available at 10 sites throughout Riverside County.  Classes are for adults only as child care is not provided.  The low cost program is partly sustained by a $30 fee (per child seat) which is paid in advance by all participants by money order.

To speak with a certified child passenger safety technician, please call 1-951-358-7171.

CPS Technicians Info

National Standardized Child Passenger Safety Renewal Course in Riverside County

This national curriculum was developed to help expired CPS technicians regain certification without having to retake the entire 32-hour course.  It provides a brief overview of the technical information contained in the most recent version (2004) of the NSCPSTP curriculum and it verifies technical skills through hands-on testing.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Standardized Child Passenger Safety Technician Training

This five-day class offers the most comprehensive training and materials available for child passenger safety.  Successful completion of the course and the clinic are the required steps to becoming a national certificated technician. The course provides participants a tremendous amount of hands-on practice as well as classroom study.