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The Wellness Village’s meticulously designed services act as pathways for individuals on their journey to recovery. Within the campus are dedicated spaces of comfort and safety that serve as havens for help, healing, and growth.

We go beyond conventional support, embracing continuous development by fostering new skills and cultivating healthy habits for sustained wellness. The Wellness Village is a visionary concept, an interconnected network where every element aligns to create an environment that promotes well-being.

  • Tailored health services: Primary healthcare, children and youth services, mental health, and substance use disorder services
  • Comprehensive community support: New health services, recreation areas, community engagement, and resources for wellness
  • Economic impact: Direct annual spending, diverse staff with a Cultural Competency program, and contracts with local businesses
  • Overall impact: Improved community health, job creation, a desirable hub for work and healthcare, enhanced options, and economic revenue

The Four Promises of the Wellness Village


Respect the people and community by providing protected, supportive and quality behavioral and physical health care while fostering opportunities for community engagement.


Compassionate design promoting self-sufficiency, growth, and security, destigmatizing behavioral health care.


Emphasize calming areas with natural elements, abundant light, and connectivity, meeting sustainability goals and promoting well-being.


Create spaces that bring people together and foster a comfortable environment and sense of community.

The Wellness Village Economic Impact


Economic Stimulation

  • Generate millions of dollars in economic benefit annually
  • Create 600 jobs upon opening
  • Stimulate local economy through job creation
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Community Support

  • Attract hundreds of professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.)
  • Provide critically needed local health care services
  • Address behavioral health challenges, taking the full person into account
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Talent Attraction & Retention

  • Create an appealing work environment
  • Draw top talent to Wellness Village communities
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Partnerships & Collaborations

  • Establish partnerships with local colleges
  • Collaborate with Workforce Development
  • Provide career mentorship and growth opportunities
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