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The Wellness Village offers a helping hand to support individuals and families in their journey to a well lifestyle. The Village provides for an entire continuum of behavioral health and wellness care, from urgent treatment to supportive housing, including outpatient care, education, and social services. This innovative campus - 18 acres and five buildings with various park settings, activity areas, and outdoor gathering areas - connects the community with the outdoors. The Village is a place for all to feel safe and supported.

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Reinforce the continuum of care
  • Include Full Service Partnership programs to treat unserved or under-served individuals
  • Offer programs that address the needs of individuals and the community
  • Be leaders in prompting innovative solutions toward the continuum of care
  • Provide behavioral health and physical health services
  • Tailor services to individual needs
  • Improve consumer engagement through multiple levels of care
  • Include complete substance use programs, including intensive outpatient counseling and specialized programs for parenting and families
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Foster self-sufficiency, stability, and recovery
  • Promote recovery values of voice, choice, hope, empowerment and strength
  • Support individuals to have control over their journey and to develop their identity during recovery
  • Teach development of “natural supports” for long-term change
  • Emphasize the continuum of care from treatment to independence. These programs are centered on coaching, accountability and empowerment
  • Increase community economics by providing connectivity to benefits
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Inspire community wellness and environmental sustainability
  • Inspire community health and wellness by increasing the Healthy Places Index score by 8.2%
  • Promote healthy living through access to healthy foods, outdoor amenities, and education
  • Focus on reducing water usage and carbon footprint
  • Create a desirable place to work that positively supports the community and recruits the best staff
  • Pursue LEED Silver to focus on reducing energy consumption and waste, managing resources efficiently, and reducing operating costs and environmental impacts
Protect vulnerable youth
Protect vulnerable youth
  • Programs for new parents, foster parents, guardians, and the village raising our youth
  • Provide safe places for youth to grow and feel supportive compassion
  • Enable the family to stay together while parent(s) solidify their own recovery
  • Provide trauma informed therapy for youth and caregivers as well as peer services and education
  • Promote family stabilization and recovery
  • Create partnerships with schools, community providers, DPSS, and HUD to improve service access
Create a better community
Create a better community
  • Provide the right service at the right place and the right time
  • Decrease unneeded emergency room visits and incarcerations by providing improved access to alternative services that use prevention practices
  • Collaborate with community partners to provide services and support to residents of the village as well as the broader community
  • Increase outer-community economics by providing connectivity to benefits
  • Decrease 5150 holds by using evidence-based crisis response and urgent care placement
  • Improve housing stability and reduce homelessness
  • Decrease overdoses and untreated addiction