The ACGME has approved our program for: 2 advanced residents at each level.

To be considered a competitive applicant to our program we recommend applicants have a USMLE Part II score of greater than 245. Test scores are only one part of the entire application. In general, individuals who score well on the USMLE are more likely to perform well on in-training examinations and the board certification examination. Individuals who consistently have difficulty passing the USMLE are less likely to perform well on future standardized examinations.

To be considered a competitive applicant at our program we recommend applicants be out of medical school less than 2 years and have prior clinical experience within the United States health care system. Unused or unpracticed clinical skills tend to decline over time.

Yes, in order to be eligible for our residency program, you need to be either a United States citizen or a permanent resident. We do not offer J-1 or H-1 visas at this time.

We do not offer observorships at this time. In the interest of fairness, we will not offer informal visits or interviews prior to our formal interviews beginning November. All complete applications will be reviewed after October 24. If you have been granted an interview, you will be notified after that date.

No, all radiology positions are part of the integrated clinical internship year tract. Even if you finished a clinical year at another institution you would need to repeat that year as part of our program.