Mission Statement

The Diagnostic Radiology Residency mission aligns with that of Riverside University Health System: 

  • To train residents to become qualified compassionate radiologists who contribute to patient care and the overall practice of medicine.
  • To improve the health and well-being of our patients and communities through our dedication to exceptional and compassionate care, education and research; 
  • To allow and assist each resident to develop into a mature professional who puts the needs of others first in the workplace; and,
  • Assist in the development of the resident's professionalism to include accountability, commitment to career-long quality improvement, communication skills, compassion and cultural sensitivity.


  • Educate radiology residents in medical imaging, including appropriate use recommendations, interpretation and therapeutic/interventional procedures according to the requirements of the ACGME;
  • Develop interdepartmental and interdisciplinary relationships to enhance patient care and imaging utilization;
  • Offer a diverse educational experience with academic and community-based exposure;
  • Develop life-long learning practices through scholarly and teaching endeavors;
  • Ensure graduates are life-long learners; and,
  • Produce board-certified versatile and collegial radiologists able to practice in all medical environments with a strong focus on quality and safety