Mental Health Education / Stigma Reduction Programs

The CMHP Programs work to promote awareness of mental health topics and resources specifically tailored to identified ethnic and cultural groups. Each offers a variety of presentation topics, through their unique cultural lens, including: Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Trauma, Drugs and Alcohol, Suicide Prevention, and Grief and Loss.

  • Asian American/Pacific Islander Community
    • Provider: Special Service for Groups
    • Serving: Western and Mid-County regions
    • Contact: Estee Song
  • Native American/American Indian
    • Provider: Riverside - San Bernardino County Indian Health, Inc.
    • Serving: Western, Mid-County and Desert regions
    • Contact: Vernon Motschman
  • Middle East and North Africa

Hispanic/Latino(a) Community

This program features hour long presentations in which two presenters share their lived experience with mental illness and their personal stories of recovery to reduce stigma and increase hope and help-seeking.

This resource center located in Moreno Valley, provides education, awareness, and stigma reduction regarding mental health that is culturally tailored for the Asian/PI community. They offer mental health support groups and seminars as well as linkage to community resources.

951-686-HELP (4357)
24/7 Crisis and suicide prevention hotline
Provides referrals and resource information (English) (Spanish)
Riverside County’s social media and digital campaign. The website has many resources for community members to access. There are downloadable mental wellness kits and tip sheets, the Mental Health Back to School Toolkit, and information about important campaigns such as May is Mental Health Month and Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. (English) (Spanish)
In October 2021, CalMHSA launched an update to the Each Mind Matters campaign. Moving to a more action-oriented approach, Take Action for Mental Health or Toma Acción, is the new name of California’s mental health movement and comes with a new look.

Parenting and Family Programs

An 8-week parent education program for parents and caregivers of children age 2-12 and adolescents age 12-16. Caregivers learn a variety of parenting skills and how to promote their child’s development.

This is a 14-week program for parents and families with children ages 6-11. The focus of the program is to help prevent teen problem behaviors and substance abuse, strengthen parenting skills, and build on family strengths.


This is a 10-session parent education groups for Asian-American Pacific Islander parents with school-aged children and adolescents (6-17). The goal of the program is to improve the intergenerational relationship of families by increasing parents’ sense of self-efficacy and effective parenting of their children.  Additionally, the provider offers a variety of parent workshop topics that parents can attend.

  • Provider: Special Services for Groups
  • Serving: Western and Mid-County regions
  • Contact: Karen Lim

This program is designed for Native American families and consists of an 11-week class designed to work with every member of the family (ages 3 through adult). It integrates traditional Native American teachings to foster the development of safe, healthy, fulfilling and addiction-free individuals and families. Additional supports are available to participants through time-limited Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions.

  • Provider: Riverside-San Bernardino County Indian Health, Inc.
  • Serving: Western, Mid-County and Desert regions
  • Contact: Julie Andrews

An 8-week individual or group support program that is a mood management course provided during and after pregnancy for women at risk of post-partum depression.

  • Provider: Riverside Community Health Foundation 
  • Serving: Mid-County region
  • Contact: Terri Akens


An afterschool Rites of Passage program for middle school youth (ages 11-13) that is based upon the Nguzo Saba and RIPSO principles. This nine-month program will meet with the youth 3 days per week, for 3 hours per day. It also includes a parent component with a 5-week parenting class, ongoing parent support groups, and monthly parent empowerment meetings. A clinical component of CBT-based interventions is also offered for youth and their families as needed.


  • Provider: Family Health and Support Network
  • Serving: Desert region
  • Program Offered: Boys and Girls Program
  • Contact: Tanaya Hall, Program Director


This program focuses on empowering youth with essential social skills, empathy training, character education, and anger management over two class periods per week, for up to 14 weeks. 

Transitional Age Youth (TAY); Young Adults 16-25

This dynamic project to provide services to Riverside County’s Transitional Age Youth is comprised of programs to improve mood, build coping skills and self-esteem, build social supports, and to reduce stigma and encourage help-seeking.

An early intervention program used to reduce and treat depression. Provided over 12-20 sessions, in group or individual format.

In the mentoring program, Peer Youth Specialists are trained as mentors to support participants who may be experiencing stress or need help with coping skills. Using a system of measurable goals and benchmarks, the one on one sessions are designed to encourage the mentees to be participants in their own success. Peer mentoring is a proven method in the development of positive coping skills and resiliency. Each mentee will meet weekly with the mentor for 32 sessions.

A 9-session group (that can be offered twice a week) that helps participants build self-esteem (learning to appreciate self and others), make healthy decisions, monitor and set goals, practice personal control in managing moods, drug use and school smarts.

30-45 minute presentations in which the Peer Youth Specialists share their personal stories of challenge and recovery as motivation for others who may be experiencing difficulty.

A 10-session psychoeducation support group.

Trauma Focused Services

An 8-week present focused, coping skills program designed to simultaneously help individuals with a history of trauma and substance abuse.

This is a group intervention for youth ages 10-15 who have symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), including depression and anxiety caused by exposure to violence. It is a 10-week program to work with the youth, as well as incorporating youth and parent sessions. This is offered at selected school sites.

  • Provider: Jurupa Unified School District
  • Serving: JUSD students only at select site/locations
  • Contact: Lizet Rios 
  • Provider: Special Services for Groups
  • Serving: Moreno Valley USD
  • Contact: Jana Garret

Older Adults

Individual sessions over the course of 19-weeks for people 60 years or older who have minor depression. Utilizes an empowering and skill-building approach.

  • Provider: Inland Caregiver Resource Center
  • Serving: Western, Mid-County and Desert regions
  • Contact: 1 (800) 675-6694

An early intervention program that focuses on structured problem-solving to reduce depression and suicide risk in older adults (60 years+).

  • Provider: Inland Caregiver Resource Center
  • Serving: Western, Mid-County and Desert regions
  • Contact: 1 (800) 675-6694


  • Provider: The Scott Hines Mental Health Clinic at The Center
  • Serving: Desert region (specializing in services for the LGBTQ community)
  • Contact: (760) 416-7899

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