Wraparound Program

Public Health Nursing Home

The mission of the Public Health Nurse is to promote and maintain optimum wellness for individuals, families and communities. Public Health Nurses consider the physical, emotional, psychosocial, spiritual and cultural factors that impact the clients’ well-being. The Public Health Nurse works as a team member with other health providers, community leaders and organizations, interdisciplinary groups, and other populations. Public Health Nurses are advocates and are involved in relevant health and social issues of families and individuals. 

The Wraparound nurse can provide you with
  • Health insurance information
  • Immunization information and follow-up
  • Sex education and prevention of sexually transmitted infections
  • Medication information and education
  • Education on how to communicate with health care providers
  • How to improve your health by assessing your whole health
  • Information on healthy eating, exercise, and weight management
  • Information on stress management and relaxation
  • Quality sleep information and education
  • Health promotion presentations relevant to current health issues and practices
The Wraparound nurse can help connect you to
  • Medical care
  • Dental care
  • Eye care Mental health treatment information
  • Community resources related to health and wellness
  • Child health programs
  • Smoke cessation programs
  • Family Planning Services
  • Treatment for sexually transmitted infections
How does the nurse provide these services?
  • Identification of health needs with client collaboration
  • Initiation of a plan for health care
  • Follow-up home visit evaluation
  • Setting health goals
  • Health education
  • Counseling as needed
  • Referrals
How do I pay for the Nurse services?

Don’t worry, it is  free for all Wraparound client/family members

The Wraparound Nurses connect you to medical community resources, answer your medical questions and help address your concerns. The Public Health Nurse is your guide to complete health care.