As of July 1, 2023 the base salary for the Orthopaedic Surgery Physician Assistant Fellowship is $67,582.00.

PA Fellows are paid bi-weekly for 26 pay periods per year and direct deposit of your paycheck is available. You will be given a County payroll calendar at Orientation.

PA Fellows will receive the following benefits, subject to the same conditions applicable to Hospital exempt employees and the terms and conditions of the County of Riverside’s current benefit plans and/or policies. The benefits listed below may be modified unilaterally by RUHS from time to time:

Health and Dental Insurance: RUHS Human Resources will inform the PA Fellows of various medical and dental insurance plans and options at the earliest opportunity so that PA Fellows may enroll early in an appropriate insurance plan. RUHS will provide comprehensive health insurance at no charge to the PA Fellow. PA Fellows wanting family coverage for medical insurance shall pay the difference between the premium for the family plan and the premium for the individual plan.

Disability insurance: RUHS will provide long-term and short-term disability insurance to the PA Fellow.

Life insurance: RUHS will provide life insurance coverage to the PA Fellow.

Worker’s Compensation: RUHS will provide Worker’s Compensation Insurance to the PA Fellow, consistent with RUHS' benefits program.

Vacation: Fifteen days of paid vacation per academic Year. Five days of paid conference time per academic year and holiday pay for all usual county holidays.

Counseling: Counseling services are available through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Lab coats / scrub suits: Lab coats and scrub suits are provided at no cost to the PA Fellow.

Meals: Meals at no cost are provided to the PA Fellow in the RUHS cafeteria while on call with a limit of $5 per meal.

Housing: Other than access to call rooms with toilet and shower facilities while on call, RUHS does not provide housing.

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