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Babies need the right balance of nutrients - not too much or too little of anything - to grow and be healthy. It is important for your baby's health to stick with products that meet federal standards that ensure formula is safe and free of harmful bacteria.

Although recipes for homemade baby formulas on the internet may seem like an answer to the formula shortage, they can be dangerous for your baby's health. Pediatricians advise that homemade formula may not be safe or meet your baby's nutritional needs.

RUHS Public Health recommends the following: 

  • Do not make your own formula 
  • Do not dilute your formula 
  • Contact your pediatric healthcare provider for advice on alternatives  

For information on resources to find baby formula, visit 
And to learn more about Public Health's Loving Support Breastfeeding program, please visit: Breastfeeding | Riverside University Health System ( or call our Loving Support Breastfeeding 24/7 Helpline at 888.451.2499.

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