Naloxone Saves Lives

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Available without a physician's prescription, Naloxone (brand name: Narcan) is a safe and effective medication that can quickly reverse an opioid overdose. Due to its lifesaving abilities, access to Naloxone is crucial. It is recommended that all family, friends, people who use drugs, and first responders are trained and carry it.

This includes having Naloxone distribution programs in treatment centers and criminal justice setting. Upon release from these settings, an individual’s opioid tolerance is low, putting them at higher risk of an overdose. Naloxone distribution programs in these settings target individuals that are about to be released to provide education on responding to an overdose and provide naloxone kits.

Learn how to Recognize and Respond to an Opioid Overdose

If you’re an individual interested in obtaining Naloxone and being trained, contact the Inland Empire Harm Reduction at (951) 466-0983. Naloxone may be available for purchase directly from a local pharmacy with cash or in some cases insurance. View a list of participating pharmacies here.

If you’re a community organization seeking naloxone, you must have a prescription or a standing order for naloxone. A standing order can be obtained from the California Department of Public Health. If you have a prescription or a standing order, apply for naloxone through the Naloxone Distribution Project.

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