Fentanyl Test Strips

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Fentanyl is a powerful, fast-acting opioid that increases the risk of overdose. Very often, it is mixed in with other drugs, such as heroin, coke, crack, and pressed pills, and is very difficult to detect. As a result, fentanyl in illicit drugs changes the landscape of opioid overdose dramatically. Testing drugs for the presence of fentanyl using fentanyl test strips can lower overdose risk. Learn more about fentanyl, how dangerous it is, how to use fentanyl test strips, and their limitations.

If you’re an individual interested in obtaining fentanyl test strips, contact Inland Empire Harm Reduction at (951) 446-0983.

Regardless of if there’s fentanyl, always take these precautions when using drugs.

  • Carry naloxone
  • Take turns in case someone overdoses (stagger use)
  • Use a smaller than normal dose to test the strength and wait before using more
  • Use with a friend who can call 911 and administer naloxone
  • If you can’t use with a friend, call Never Use Alone (800) 484-3731 so an operator can stay on the line and call 911 if you stop responding.

If you’re an organization interested in receiving fentanyl test strips to distribute, contact the RODA team at RODA@ruhealth.org