Loma Linda University Medical Center

​Surgical Service Rotations at LLUMC

Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC) is a large tertiary care medical center serving the needs of the Eastern half of Southern California. It has 779 acute care inpatient beds (220 ICU bends and 559 acute med/surg beds). There are 21,000 inpatient admissions each year and 23,000 surgical procedures are performed there each year. LLUMC provides all specialty and subspecialty services that would be expected for a large tertiary care medical center.

This includes all major fields of general surgery, and all of the surgical subspecialties. There are active dedicat​ed services for general surgery, trauma surgery, surgical oncology, minimally invasive surgery, pediatric surgery, vascular surgery, tran​splant surgery, surgical ICU and subspecialty services in cardiothoracic surgery, urology, plastic surgery, otolaryngology, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, gynecological surgery and ophthalmologic surgery. LLUMC is a Level I trauma Center. The patient population is representative of the population of the region, with all payer mixes being well represented. Residents will complete rotations on the Transplant and Pediatric surgery services.

Loma Linda University Medical Center

LLUMC Transplant & Pediatric Surgical Case Volume

  • Pediatric Surgery: 2377
  • Organ Transplant: 140

LLUMC Goals & Objectives​

Postgraduate Year 1

Postgraduate Year 2