Journal Club

Journal Club is held at least quarterly. This is a formal journal club where all anesthesia residents are expected to participate.


To become familiar with current scientific literature

  • To become familiar with components of a good abstract, introduction, methods results and discussion section of presented articles
  • To learn about the scientific method and its application to solving a variety of current problems in anesthesia
  • To develop critical thinking

Resident Responsibilities

  • Selecting 3 articles pertinent to the practice of anesthesia for each journal club
  • Preparing journal club articles as power point presentations as follows:
    • Indicate why a particular article was chosen for discussion
    • State scientific background, hypothesis and design of research
    • Summary of findings
    • Critique of good and bad points pertaining to design, findings and relevance
    • How is it relevant to the anesthesia department currently
    • Open discussion