Psychiatry - Emergency and Inpatient Services

Location: 9990 County Farm Road, Suite 4, Riverside, CA 92503
Phone: (​​​951) 358-4700
Hours: Emergency Treatment Services – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Psychiatric Emergency Entrance Sign

If you know someone who is attempting or threatening to harm themselves or others or who is violent and out of control DIAL 911.

Some patients cannot or will not make the decision to seek treatment for themselves. California State law seeks to protect these individuals by allowing for emergency involuntary evaluation and treatment.

We provide​ psychiatric emergency services for all ages. Services include evaluation, crisis intervention, and referrals for psychiatric hospitalization as needed. Emergency Treatment Services (ETS) specializes in evaluating and treating mental illness and emotional crisis. Patients who come to ETS may receive treatment and be discharged to return home with medication and referrals to other mental health facilities. Some patients may be admitted for further treatment to the Inpatient Treatment Facility.

Department of Psychiatry Inpatient Treatment Facility is the psychiatric department of RUHS Medical Center.  Services consist of emergency psychiatric evaluation, treatment and inpatient care for ages 13 and up. Geared to stabilize the individual for return to maximum productivity as soon as possible, this department provides:

  • Medication
  • Individual  and group therapy in a structured, supervised setting
  • Discharge planning and coordination
  • Placement services
  • Referrals