Comparative Effectiveness and Clinical Outcomes Research Center (CECORC)

Supporting the Mission, Vision, and Values of RUHS through Research and Innovation

We encourage and enable research activities through education, collaboration, and compliance to provide evidence-based, high quality care that is accessible, affordable, and culturally sensitive.

Why Do Research?

CECORC's diverse team of physicians, research professionals, and medical students are committed to advancing the quality of patient care through research activities with the goal of collaboration and innovation. Through measuring outcomes and investigating new medical treatments, CECORC supports evidence-based best practices and healthcare advances.


Led by Dr. Raul Coimbra, CECORC started with a simple, but important purpose: do research that helps people. This goal has been our focus since we began in 2018. (Click here to meet the CECORC team)

If you are a patient seeking information about Research in the Riverside University Health System, please check HERE for more information.

For Our Research Partners

CECORC's capabilities and interests include investigating the comparative effectiveness of clinical outcomes, as well as clinical trials with medications, devices, and other treatments. In addition to accomplished investigators, our team includes experienced research coordinators and biostatisticians.

With the many benefits of working together, we welcome collaborative research with:

CECORC Partners:

  • Academic & Research Institutions within the US
  • International Academic & Research Institutions
  • Pharma & Industry Sponsors

CECORC supports and facilitates various types of research conducted within the Riverside University Health System. 

We offer a variety of services to:

  • RUHS Faculty & Medical Staff
  • RUHS Behavioral Health Centers
  • RUHS Public Health
  • RUHS Community Health Centers
  • Residents & Fellows within RUHS

For information about collaborative opportunities, contact For RUHS Medical Center staff, see information on the intranet under Office of Research.

Publications & Presentations

To fulfill our academic mission, the researchers at CECORC have written, submitted, and presented research data in several high impact national and international medical journals.

Check here to check out our scientific productivity, both published data and presentations, accomplished by our research team since CECORC's launch in 2018. (Publications and Presentations)

Comparative Effectiveness & Outcomes Research

CECORC researchers are making a great impact with their work in the areas of comparative effectiveness and outcomes.

Please contact CECORC with any questions about our studies, ongoing projects, and collaboration opportunities.

We look forward to hearing from you!