Healthy Families America (HFA) is a nationally recognized pregnancy, infant, and early childhood family support program. We support parents in building nurturing, safe, and trusting relationships that create a healthy environment for the entire family.

The Healthy Families program is centered on working with parents to create safe, stimulating home environments by learning about child development, positive discipline techniques and developing parenting skills.

Families can expect to receive home visits with an emphasis on bonding, attachment, child development, and social-emotional growth. The visits include parent education on infant through early childhood care and well-being, as well as overall family wellbeing. Healthy Families works with families to ensure they are connected to medical, dental, mental health and other community resources.

  • We assist families in goal setting and tracking accomplishments to increase your ability to problem solve and become advocates for your family needs.
  • We model behavioral tools for parents to build a healthy bond with your child and promote their development. 
  • We use reflective strategies – helping you think through parenting experiences – to make beneficial decisions for your children.
  • We use tools to track your child’s growth and development.

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