Med Student Rotation Opportunities:

  • Traditional Sub-I (Acting Internship): Four weeks of inpatient Family Medicine wards to satisfy requirements for Sub-I rotations. You will work as part of our inpatient team alongside PGY1, 2 and 3 residents where you will follow your own set of patients each day, present their case on rounds and learn to work within our safety net institution to provide all the things that our patients need in the hospital and as they transition home.
  • Flexible Rotation: Set up initially as a three week inpatient and one week outpatient rotation, these weeks can be modified to get a well-rounded look into the residency experience here at RUHS. In the clinic, students will see and evaluate patients and chief to residents and attendings alike. You also have the opportunity to observe and assist in common outpatient procedures. We hope you will consider these opportunities. Please contact us if you have any questions.

​To request a rotation on the family medicine service at RUHS, submit here to to submit your rotation request. Please Contact Treva Williams for questions by calling (951)867-3812.