All of our Community Health Centers have trained physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants to provide you and your baby with complete care during your pregnancy, and after you deliver we will continue to see you and your newborn. Our goal is to have you and your entire family feel welcome and comfortable coming to our centers for all of your health care needs. We will follow you for your pregnancy and refer you to a local OB doctor who will deliver your baby and have you return to us for follow-up care of you and your baby. You will deliver at one of the outstanding hospitals near your home or at the Riverside University Health System- Medical Center based on your choice. If any complications arise during your pregnancy, we will immediately refer you to a trained specialist to care for you and your baby.

Our Program

A safe and healthy pregnancy begins before you ever become pregnant! We would like to see you for a visit to make sure you are healthy before becoming pregnant. Once you are pregnant, we will assist you in obtaining Medi-Cal coverage. At your first visit you will be seen by one of our clinicians. Your clinician will meet you, paperwork will be completed, and we will order labwork and other testing that is needed for a safe and healthy pregnancy. You will then be scheduled for a complete physical with one of our clinicians. Your physical will include a pap smear and a screen for sexually transmitted diseases. Your clinician will review your lab results and medical history and answer all of your questions about your pregnancy. Your first visit is usually between 10-12 weeks and at that visit it is usually possible to hear your baby’s heart beat! We also provide nutrition counseling, health education classes, mental health evaluation and referral, screening for substance use, and many other valuable services to make sure you have a safe and wonderful pregnancy.

OB Ultrasound

All patients are referred for a very special, technical ultrasound to look carefully at the development of your baby between 18 and 22 weeks.

Eligibility and Fees

Our prenatal care is available for all pregnant women. The fee charged depends on coverage including Medi-Cal and private insurance.


All of our Community Health Centers provide pregnancy care as well as all primary care services for you and your family. Call our Centralized Scheduling Center and talk with one of our helpful staff at 1-800-720-9553. We look forward to taking care of you and your entire family.

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