Child Health Services

Primary Care

Treatment, education and writing of prescriptions for medical conditions, including the flu, a cold, diabetes, exams, immunizations.

If a problem cannot be resolved at our Community Health Center, a referral may be made to a hospital or a specialist.

Referrals available for:

  1. Care by a specialist
  2. Hospitalization if necessary
  3. Public Health Nursing or other appropriate departments


History and physical examination, dental assessment, nutritional assessment, vision screening, hearing screening, blood and urine testing, TB testing, immunizations, lead screening, health education, referral for follow-up diagnosis and treatment.


Children from birth to 21 years of age who have Medi-Cal, children from birth to 5 years who had the Healthy Kids Program. Also, children may qualify for CHDP funding according to family size and income. Any child attending a state licensed Preschool/HeadStart Program is eligible for an examination. Our helpful staff will assist you in determining which programs are available to help pay for the services you need. See Payment Options for further information. Services available at all Family Care Center locations. Call for appointment. 1-800-720-9553.

For additional programs and services, visit: Riverside County

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