Cancer Screening

Cancer screening is an important part of the health care we provide for you and your family members.  We want you to establish your medical care with one of our outstanding physicians, nurse practitioners or physician assistants and make our clinic your “medical home”.  The specific examinations and testing you need to screen for cancer depend on your age, sex, family history and other important factors.  Your personal health care provider is the best person to help you make the right decisions on which examinations and tests are best for you.

Common cancer screening tests may include:

  • Breast cancer: A mammogram is recommended every 2 years for women over 40 years of age unless you have a family history of breast cancer, then you should have a mammogram every year. A mammogram is recommended every year for women over 50.
  • Pap smears for cancer of the cervix: A pap smear should be done at the age of 21 and then every 3 years or as determined by your personal provider.
  • Prostate cancer: Rectal examination of the prostate is done for men over age 50 or earlier if recommended by your personal provider.
  • Colon cancer: Several options are available to screen for colon cancer including sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, x-rays, or checking specimens for blood.  Which tests to order depend on a discussion with your health care provider. Your provider will determine the best age to start screening.

Our helpful staff will assist you in determining which programs are available to help pay for the services you need. See Payment Options for further information.

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