Cancer Screening

The specific examinations and testing you need to screen for cancer depend on your age, sex, family history and other important factors. Working with your personal health care provider is the best way to determine which examinations and tests are best for you.

Common cancer screening tests:

  • Mammograms: A mammogram is recommended every 2 years for women over 40 years of age and every year for women over 50. If you’re younger than 40 but have a family history of breast cancer, you should have a mammogram every year.
  • Pap smears: To check for cervical cancer, women should receive a pap smear at 21 years of age, then every three years after or as determined by your personal provider.
  • Rectal exam: To check for prostate cancer, men over age 50 (or earlier if recommended) should receive a rectal examination.
  • Colonoscopy, x-rays, sigmoidoscopy, or checking specimens for blood: These are all exams that screen for colon cancer. You and your healthcare provider will discuss the best age to start screening and the most appropriate test to order.


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