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Healthy Eating is "Farm-to-Fork" and access to healthy food. How is your community and dinner table checking out? What is "Healthy Eating"?

  • Is fresh, local and healthy food available and affordable in all communities and neighborhoods?
  • Are healthy foods and beverages promoted at your local market, restaurants and entertainment venues?
  • Does your school offer and promote only healthy foods and beverages to students?
  • Does your workplace or employer offer and promote access to healthy foods and beverages?
  • Do you have healthy vending options?
  • Do you have a farmer's market or community garden near home or work?
  • Does your childcare including preschool, afterschool and early childhood setting offer and promote only healthy foods and beverages?
  • Do you know someone who is hungry and can benefit from an extra bag of groceries?

Food Access Workgroup

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