How to become a CHDP Provider

Physicians may be eligible to participate as a CHDP provider if he or she is a pediatrician or family practitioner. Internists may participate to provide services for children 14 years of age or older. All physicians must:

  1. Hold an unrestricted California physician and surgeon license issued by the licensing section of the Medical Board of California or the Osteopathic Medical Board of California
  2. Be enrolled as an active Medi-Cal provider
  3. Be board certified in pediatrics, family practice, or internal medicine or
  4. Be board eligible in pediatrics, family practice, or internal medicine for a period not to exceed four years.

Independent Nurse Practitioners may be eligible to participate as a CHDP provider if certified as a family nurse practitioner or a pediatric nurse practitioner and meets the requirements of the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 22, Section 51170.3. In addition, the independent Nurse Practitioner must:

  1. Hold an unrestricted California license issued by the Board of Registered Nursing
  2. Possess a written agreement with a physician who is also a CHDP provider in the local health jurisdiction of application or a contiguous county.

For additional information on qualifications of clinicians rendering CHDP services at approved CHDP provider sites, or to request an Application Packet, please call the CHDP office at 800.346.6520. Detailed CHDP provider requirements are available in the CHDP Provider Manual under Publications at:

RIV CHDP Existing Provider Checklist
RIV CHDP Facility Checklist
RIV CHDP Mobile Unit Checklist
RIV CHDP NP Checklist
RIV CHDP PA Checklist
RIV CHDP Physician Checklist
RIV CHDP Satellite- (Intermittent Clinic) Checklist
Intermittent Clinic Supplemental Questions

Overview Workshops

Our goal is to assist CHDP providers and their staff to successfully implement the CHDP Program in their office. To meet this goal, we conduct Overview Workshops. All staff involved with CHDP clients are welcome to attend; receptionists, medical assistants, billing personnel, etc.

The workshops provide an overview of the CHDP Program, incorporating the patient assessment, documentation, tobacco assessment/counseling, dental classifications, and other aspects of the program. Representatives from Nutrition Services, Immunization Program, Mental Health Screening Program, and the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program will discuss their program services.

All prospective CHDP Providers must attend the workshop prior to receiving approval as Riverside County CHDP providers. Submission and acceptance of a complete Provider Application Packet is required prior to submitting a reservation to the workshop.

For additional information on the CHDP Overview Workshops, please call the CHDP office at (800) 346-6520.

Additional Workshops

CHDP requires that hearing screening be performed by staff that is certified, using a pure tone air conduction audiometer. Certification is available after completion of a six hour Audiometric Seminar, which is offered three times a year. The seminar is provided at no cost to the attendees. A certificate is given to those who attend and is good for four years.

Educational Brochures

The CHDP program has numerous health education materials available only to Riverside County CHDP Providers. Education topics include Nutrition, Lead Poisoning, Safety, Immunizations, Dental Health, Tobacco, and Teen Health. The health education materials are free to Riverside County providers and can be ordered by using the CHDP Health Education Material Order Form. Please return the completed order form to the CHDP office via FAX at 951.358.5002.

To receive more information regarding health education materials, please contact

Provider Information Notices