Crisis Support System of Care

Crisis Support System of Care 

Riverside County! Experiencing a Behavioral Health Crisis? Call 951-686-HELP. It is free and confidential, and you may remain anonymous. Trained counselors are available to provide support and resources to best help you. Bilingual counselors are available.

Mobile Crisis Response Team - field-based crisis response teams consisting of Clinical Therapists, Behavioral Health Specialists, and Peer Support Specialists working collaboratively with Law Enforcement, Emergency Department personnel, and community members to divert individuals in a behavioral health crisis to the appropriate level of needed care. Through their support, Mobile Crisis Response Teams can decrease the need for inpatient hospitalizations and decrease the amount of time that Law Enforcement and Emergency Department Personnel dedicate to individuals in a behavioral health crisis. The Mobile Crisis Response Teams work with individuals of all ages and backgrounds.  


Mobile Case Management Teams - The Mobile Crisis Management Teams are a field-based program comprised of a Clinical Therapist, a Behavioral Health Specialist, a Substance Use Counselor, and a Peer Support Specialist. Mobile Case Management Teams specialize in short-term case management, crisis intervention, substance use services and treatment, and offering Peer Support Services. The team works collaboratively with various community agencies to provide outreach, short-term therapy, substance use counseling, and case management services to individuals and their families with linkage to long-term services.   

Community Behavioral Assessment Teams – Community Behavioral Assessment Teams comprise a Clinical Therapist partnered with a Peace Officer with different Law Enforcement agencies throughout Riverside County to provide mental health risk assessments to individuals in crisis who come to the attention of Law Enforcement and provide these individuals with the appropriate referrals based upon their needs at that time. Through the risk assessment, teams provide diversion to the lowest level of necessary care to link individuals in crisis and those around them to supportive services. The teams also strengthen the partnership and unity between the community, law enforcement, and behavioral health services.  


Behavioral Health Justice Intervention Services - Clinical Therapists are embedded within colleges and universities throughout Riverside County, assisting the school's public safety and student counseling services to support students and others on campus experiencing behavioral health emergencies and community resource requests.   

Mental Health Urgent Cares – Facilities provide voluntary services in a setting that provides easy-to-access crisis services. Individuals receiving support from the Mental Health Urgent Cares can receive peer support, psychiatric and therapeutic services, substance use counseling, case management, and crisis intervention services to help them return to the community with support and decrease the need for inpatient hospitalizations.  



MHUC Riverside: 9980 County Farm Rd, Bldg. 2, Riverside 92503, Phone: (951) 509-2499  

MHUC Perris: 85 Ramona Expressway, Ste. 1-3, Perris 92571, Phone: (951) 349-4195  

MHUC Palm Springs: 2500 N. Palm Canyon Dr., Ste. A4, Palm Springs 92571, Phone: (760) 424-5602