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Join our WIC to 5 club and get tips to help your child grow along the way every day!  Being a new parent is rewarding but can be overwhelming at times. Check out these resources to help your family along the way. 

Newborns & Infants


Understanding your newborn’s behavior can help you feel less stressed and more confident in caring for your precious little one.

Welcome baby
parents with baby

Welcome Baby program from First 5 Riverside provides new parents with information, support on their new journey.

Bottle Feeding your Baby
dad holding baby

Formula Feeding- Tips for feeding your baby infant formula, check out this quick guideLet your baby set the Pace.

Your Child's doctor's Visit
mom and son

Be prepared for your child’s next doctor appointment with this quick guide. Our WIC Coaches can help.

Developmental Milestones
baby crawling
Feed me
baby eating

Here are some tips for feeding me 0-6 months and 6-12 months

child eating

Help your child learn to take sips of water, breastmilk, or formula from the cup!

Time for Finger Foods
baby eating

About ages 9-10 months your toddler will want to start feeding her or himself. They are learning to use their thumb and fingers to pick up small things which develops their motor skills.

Your Child's doctor's Visit
baby eating

Be prepared for your child’s next doctor appointment with this quick guide. Our WIC Coaches can help.

Toddlers & Preschoolers

Getting to know your toddler
parents with baby

Babies become toddlers between ages 6 months and 2 years. Check out the 6 developmental changes that all older babies and toddlers go through.

Happy Healthy Teeth
son on mom

Your baby’s first teeth are necessary for eating, talking, and smiling. You can help take care of your children’s teeth.

Is my child constipated
baby with mouth open

Do you notice your child having hard, dry stools (poops) that are difficult to pass? Here are some signs, causes, and things you can do to help.

Healthy Eating for 1-4 year olds
mom in market

Choose your child’s age one to four years for tips on portion sizes, food groups meal and snack ideas, choking prevention, and more!

Vegetables are Yummy
boy eating

Here are quick and easy tips to help your child to eat more vegetables!

Lactose or Diary Intolerance
baby eating

Milk is important for building stronger bones and teeth. Here are tips for people who have trouble digesting milk or milk products.

Iron for Mommy and Me
moms in a store

Iron is an important nutrient for you and your child’s development and growth. Here are tips to help your family eat enough iron and signs of anemia.

Parents are Their Child's First and Most Important teacher
family smiling

Babies are born ready to learn and you play a role in your child’s brain development form ages birth to 5 years! Children’s literacy programs fosters early literacy skills, improves school readiness, and helps children prepare basic literacy skills to succeed in school and in life.

Potter the Otter - Curl up and read Potter’s favorite books or print out fun activities by visiting Potter the Otter’s new website

Raising a Reader
dad holding up baby

When you talk, read, and sing with you child, even before they can use words, you’re building their brain and helping them prepare for success in school and in life.

Books for WIC Kids

Text Books for WIC Kids Program is an evidence-based early literacy program for young children (ages 0-5) from families engaged in the WIC program. Rivhero has partnered with Dolly Parton Imagination Library.  Ask how you can get a subscription for a year for your child.

  • Free books
  • Ask your WIC coach if your child qualifies for a year subscription.
Kids Cooking Videos