Our mission is to strengthen community food system for Riverside County residents as we believe in the power of good food. We envision food systems that support joyful, vibrant communities. Farms and food businesses thrive, natural resources are healthy and protected, and people are nourished and happy.

For the past 20 years, we’ve led a community food revolution and food sustainability with our partners in USDA Food programs, agriculture, small and large farms, Agriculture commissioner, retail and restaurant industry, Environmental Health, food waste, food hubs, supporting  food banks, pantries and Riverside Food System Alliance. Please join the movement for our local food system!

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Broad implementation of healthy food procurement policies have the potential to increase the overall demand for more healthy products, drive a positive change in community food vision and reality.

Emergency food system: The emergency food system encompasses all organizations supporting community members in accessing food in California. This term includes, but is not limited to: food banks, partner agencies, and other community food-providing organizations such as gleaning associations.

Taking action to help build a more resilient and sustainable food system at a human-scale and on a local level by ensuring that crops are not wasted. Gleaning is simply harvesting extra crops from farms and gardens to give to our neighbors facing hunger which helps farmers and retailers reduce food waste.