Testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

All our Community Health Centers provide testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)—sometimes referred to as sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Who is eligible?

Anyone 12 years and older is eligible for confidential STD testing. Children under the age of 12 must have parental consent.

What happens during the visit?

We provide comprehensive care during your visit to our CHCs:

  • Testing. The exam you receive is based on symptoms. Many STDs can be diagnosed using a urine or blood sample, but in some cases a pelvic exam and/or pap smear may be required.
  • Treatment. Our CHCs provide prescriptions for medication to treat and manage STDs.
  • Counseling. We also provide information about how to protect you and your partner(s) in the future.

Additional Related Programs & Services


Our CHCs offer care for those with Medi-Cal, private insurance, and those without health insurance. We provide care on a sliding fee scale, based on ability to pay. Our staff will assist you in determining which programs are available to help pay for the services you need.


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