Educational Resources

  • Tuesday Radiology Resident Conference and Research Day
    ​​Tuesday is designated for lecture, tumor board and research. Faculty led lectures are scheduled each Tuesday from 7:00 or 8:00 am until noon.  Resident/Faculty led didactic lectures will occur twice per month within the Tuesday morning schedule. The curriculum will systematically cover all aspects of imaging and include lectures on the business of radiology, performing research, quality and safety, diversity and wellness.  Residents will participate in Tumor Board from 12:30-1:30. The remainder of Tuesday afternoon will be protected research time.  Best case of the week sharing will be ongoing. Residents at away rotations, other than AIRP will be excused from those rotations to return for lecture and research time.

  • Wednesday afternoon Intern year conferences 
    Interns will join the Internal Medicine Residents on Wednesday afternoons for their core of ongoing educational lectures to contribute to the broad foundation of medical knowledge planned for the clinical year.

  • Physics Onsite Didactic course 
    A one week dedicated hybrid online and onsite physics lecture series will be presented twice each year with ongoing onsite support by a medical physicist. The curriculum will repeat in preparation for the ABR core exam.

  • Journal Club
    Journal club will meet the first Tuesday of every month following the residents dedicated research time. Topics and attending faculty will vary according to current topics, interests and planned research. 

  • Interdisciplinary Conferences
    Residents will be given time to and encouraged to attend interdisciplinary conferences. In addition to tumor board, Neurosurgery Grand Rounds, Psychiatry Grand Rounds, Hospital Grand Rounds are routinely scheduled. Conference expansion into stroke case review, skull base tumor board and interdisciplinary chest conferences are planned. Residents will also be encouraged to attend and in later years present educational lectures to our Internal Medicine and Family Medicine residents.

  • Electronic Support
    Residents will be provided an iPad to facilitate independent study as well as access to Stat Dx, Rad Primer and e-anatomy on an ongoing basis. RSNA physics modules and additional electronic learning opportunities including courses in informatics will be available based on resident year. 

  • National Society Memberships
    Residents will have memberships in ACR, RSNA and ARRS.

  • AIRP
    Residents will be provided the opportunity to attend the 4-week AIRP course with tuition paid by the program.