Parent Support & Training is a program that operates across the county, offering a range of community-based services. These services include:

  • Individual support to parents/caregivers
  • Assistance for families in finding Behavioral Health & community resources
  • Parent-to-Parent Support Groups
  • Community Outreach
  • County-wide resources
  • Parenting Classes and Training:
    • Nurturing Parenting
    • Nurturing Fathers
    • Educate, Equip, and Support
    • Mental Health First Aid - Youth
    • The Positive Parenting Program
    • safeTALK (Tell, Ask, Listen, and Keep Safe)
    • Incredible Years
    • Open Doors
  • Volunteer Opportunities for Parents & Youth

To learn more, contact the Parent Support and Training Program today at 951-358-5862.

As Parent Partners, we are parents or caregivers who are primarily responsible for raising a child or children with behavioral or emotional challenges. We have learned to navigate the system and establish successful outcomes for our children. Our role as Parent Partners is to support other parents so they can develop resilience and progress towards recovery.


Parents who have had to navigate multiple services, such as Behavioral Health, Special Education, Juvenile justice systems, and other community services, have experienced the barriers and challenges associated with seeking help for their children and families. They understand the energy, perseverance, and commitment required to receive the necessary support.


Parent Partners often establish a strong bond with other parents because they connect, trust, listen, and share similar experiences related to a child or youth they love. This relationship reduces isolation and instills hope, which is often a first for many parents. In addition to mentoring and relationship building, Parent Partners provide vital information and resources. This enables parents to become better advocates for their children.


Parent Partners are hired to work in clinics with families and professional staff to assist in the planning and provision of treatment for children and families. This program is countywide and provides support, education, training, and resources to parents and primary caregivers who are raising a child with mental health/behavioral challenges. Some services and supports are available to parents/caregivers whether or not their child is receiving services. They are offered in English and Spanish and are free of charge. Services include, but are not limited to, support and educational groups, trainings relating to mental health, a parent-to-parent telephone support line, social events, mentorship for youth, limited respite, and a parent resource library. Additional services include: community outreach activities, volunteer services, special projects, training to staff, and access to donated goods and services.


3125 Myers Street
Riverside, CA 92503
Phone: (951) 358-5862
Fax: (951) 358-4560

Parent-to-Parent Non-Crisis Telephone Support Line

This telephone support line is for parents/caregivers raising a child with mental health/behavioral challenges who would like to talk to another parent employed by the Department of Mental Health, for support and information.

Phone: (951) 358-3622
Toll Free: (888) 358-3622