Take My Hand

A county resource chat line

Take My Hand™ introduces a live Certified Peer Support Specialist, a person with lived experience in recovery from a behavioral health condition, trained to interact with others mutually and without judgment.  These specialists are skilled coaches that support a person’s wellness, responding to questions, providing assistance and connecting them to resources.  More importantly, Take My Hand™ allows the user to remain anonymous if they choose. 

Peer Support Specialists operating Take My Hand™ have the unique abilities to navigate conversations in a text modality, exercising the ability to clarify potentially confusing interactions due to lack of visual and para-verbal communication cues.  Take My Hand™ is the first web-based service uniquely “Live” with a real person on the other end of the conversation, to be there for a person who may not be open to in-person, Skype-style or telephone verbal communication.

What is Peer Support?

Peer Support is an evidenced based practice bringing people together who have similar “lived experiences” to share hope and recovery. A person embarking on a journey to wellness and recovery receives support from a person who has been through similar challenges. This person is a Peer Support Specialist.

The Peer Support Specialist engages with the person receiving services one-on-one or in a group setting. The person receiving services has the opportunity to experience what it’s like to walk side-by-side with a person who has “been there”, while learning new techniques and practicing new skills to move through daily life challenges.

Peer Support is not just for the person struggling, but also for the loved ones of someone who is struggling.

This service is available Monday-Thursday 8am to 5pm and Friday 8am to 4pm (except holidays).

Visit the Take My Hand website for more information, or to get started

Help for Everyone

This service is open to anyone (16 and older) from Riverside County, who is looking for emotional support.  People experiencing difficult feelings and stressors, affecting daily life and living, can access Take My Hand™ peer support. Whatever challenges you may face  - relationships, difficult habits to manage, finances, physical or emotional health or spirituality, our Peer Support Specialists have either been through it, or something very similar.

Take My Hand

2085 Rustin Ave. Riverside, CA 92507
(951) 955-7360