Commitment to Compliance

The Riverside University Health System – Behavioral Health demonstrates its commitment to integrity, compliance, and quality care through our Mission Statement:

“The Riverside University Health System – Behavioral Health exists to provide effective, efficient, and culturallywoman smiling sensitive community-based services that enable severely mentally disabled adults, older adults, children at risk of mental disability, substance abusers, and individuals on conservatorship to achieve and maintain their optimal level of healthy personal and social functioning.”

The department has designed and implemented a Compliance Program to strengthen the awareness of compliance issues. In addition, the Department has developed and published a “Code of Conduct/Commitment to Integrity” handbook, which is followed by all employees and contractors of the department. The following ideals and values guide our professional behavior at all times:

  • Provide quality care and services
  • Adhere to laws and regulations
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Maintain complete and accurate records
  • Maintain a positive work environment
  • Seek positive and cooperative relationships
  • Protect County assets
  • Conduct yourself with honesty and integrity
  • Report potential violations without fear of retaliation
  • Maintain a commitment to the highest standards of ethics and compliance

The Department strives to create a culture that promotes the highest standards of ethics and compliance.  Policies and procedures of specific healthcare laws and regulations are in place to provide guidance to employees and contractors and to prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse.  Reasonable precautions are taken to ensure that accurate billing, coding, and documentation standards are maintained at all times.  Adhering to licensure requirements, Federal, State, and local laws and regulations are viable to the success of our mission.

We are committed to promoting a positive image for the Department, through our employees and client services. All staff members have received training relative to HIPAA and compliance.  The dedicated efforts of the Riverside County Department of Mental Health staff has enabled us to be successful in our goal of providing high quality care that is skilled, compassionate, reliable and consistent to our consumers, constituents, and community.

Questions or comments are welcome at our Compliance Hotline 1-800-413-9990.

Read the Code of Conduct/Commitment to Integrity booklet