Mental Health Plan (MHP)

Mental health services are available to people on Medi-Cal, including children, young people, adults and older adults in Riverside County. Sometimes these services are available through your regular doctor. Sometimes they are provided by a specialist, and called ‘specialty’ mental health services. These specialty services are provided through the Riverside County “Mental Health Plan” or MHP, which is separate from your regular doctor. The Riverside County MHP operates under rules set by the State of California and the federal government. Each county in California has its own MHP.

If you believe you would benefit from specialty mental health services and are eligible for Medi-Cal, the Riverside County MHP will help you find out if you may get mental health treatment services by calling them directly at (800) 706-7500.

The Riverside County Mental Health Plan (MHP) provides mental health services to Riverside County eligible Medi-Cal recipients. Service to Medi-Cal eligible consumers are authorized through the CARES Line or Assessment and consultation Team (ACT) programs.

CARES Line Contact Information
Phone : 1-800-499-3008

NOTE:  If you are seeking mental health services for the first time please contact your health care provider as mental health services might be provided through your health plan.

For your convenience the following phone number are provided.

IEHP Behavioral Health
Phone: (800) 440-4347 Ext 2362

Molina Behavioral Health
Office Hours: Monday- Friday 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Phone: (888) 665-4621
use 711 (Telecommunications Relay Service) as needed, or TTY at 1 (800) 479-3310

Kaiser Permanente Psychiatry Department
(951) 248-4000

Assessment and Consultation Team (ACT)
Office Hours: Monday - Friday  8am-5pm
Phone: (951) 358-6888
Fax: (951) 687-5819