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transport team
  • We have trained and certified nurses with advanced clinical skills to provide nursing care for neonates from simplest to the most complex conditions.
  • We can provide transport for patients within the community within our standards of practice
  • NICU Direct Line(24 Hours a Day):

         Número telefónico de la UCIN (24 horas al día):                           


         Social Worker: 951-486-4396

        Discharge Coordinator: 951-486-4886

        Child Life Specialist: 951-486-4354

        Trabajadora o asistente social:  951-486-4396

        Coordinadora del alta médica: 951-486-4886

        Especialista en vida infantil: 951-486-4354

Devotion Story

110 Days!! A NICU GRADUATE A Success Story

 “Mother gave a “Shout out to all the NICU Nurses “Every single NICU nurse have impacted my life- from your small talks or learning opportunities. From watching you work so hard and your smiles – I have created memories with you all. I have lots of smiles and sleepless nights - but it is all worth it! I enjoy watching him grow and his little personality…I’m appreciative of my lil’ man and love him more than words I can express. YOU are truly humble and funny, and hardworking beautiful people- next to the LORD. You have given me the best gift of all! I miss you all and LOVE YOU ALL. …. glad I still have you in our life. Keep making a change/difference and keep Saving Lives. – HAPPY Nurses Week!! - Mommy Williams and Sethiepoo”