Riverside County CLPPP provides presentations about lead poisoning to the general community, schools, parent groups, healthcare providers, pregnant and breastfeeding parenting classes, and others interested in learning more about lead. Presentations are available in both English and Spanish.

Health Fairs

Riverside County CLPPP participates in health fair event throughout the region in an effort to grow awareness to the harmful effects of lead and the importance of blood lead testing. This helps Riverside County CLPPP to grow community partnerships with organizations similarly committed to the health and wellness of residents and visitors in Riverside County.

Educational Materials

Riverside County CLPPP provides free educational materials about lead poisoning, including topics such as sources of lead, reducing the risk of lead poisoning, pregnancy, and nutrition. These materials are available upon request. Materials are available in both English and Spanish.

Each year, National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week is held the last week of October to raise awareness of lead poisoning.

Resources / Events