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“¿Hablas español?”

“Mas gusto mong mag-usap nang Tagalog?”

No matter what language you prefer to communicate in, your accurate understanding of your own health care is critical to your well-being.

With that in mind, the Department of Language and Cultural Services is here to help: It upholds the mission, vision and values of RUHS Medical Center through its commitment to ensuring that all patients – regardless of their ability to speak, read or write English – have meaningful access to health care interpreters or translators.​ Our language assistance pr​ogram is available to patients and their families with limited English proficiency or hearing impairments, free of charge.

What to Expect

When you register or are admitted to RUHS, you will be asked to identify your preferred language to communicate effectively with your health care team. Every effort will be made to provide you with timely access to the language assistance you need to accurately understand and make informed decisions about your own health care.

RUHS Medical Center's interpreters and translators are specially trained to help patients and their health care team communicate about:

  • Informed consent
  • Symptom descriptions
  • Nutrition plans and information
  • Medical diagnoses or conditions
  • Surgical procedures
  • Diabetes education
  • And much more​​

Translation & Interpreting Services

Interpreting service is available upon request to all patients free of charge. Our staff of professional healthcare interpreters provide face-to-face interpreting services in English, Spanish, American Sign Language, Portuguese, and Arabic. Depending on the language and nature of the interpreted encounter, interpreting services are provided throughout the hospital and ambulatory care areas by either staff interpreters, qualified bilingual staff, or remotely via the HealthCare Interpreter Network.

Interpreting assistance is available for more than 170 languages, including:

  • American Sign Language
  • Arabic
  • Cantonese
  • English
  • Farsi
  • Hindi
  • ​Indigenous languages of Central and South America
  • Japanese​
  • Korean​
  • Mandarin
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese
  • Tagalog
  • Urdu​

RUHS also makes use of simultaneous interpretation equipment to allow patients who are non-English speaking and hard of hearing to fully participate during patient events. This technology provides real time interpreting as the event occurs and in the same setting as English speakers.​

Translation Service

We transfer written words or text in one language into accurate meaning in another target language. The Department of Language and Cultural Services employs two translators certified at state and federal levels for the translation of written medical-legal documents into English and Spanish. (The written translation of medical documents into languages other than English and Spanish is also available through the department.)

As required by federal and state law, the following documents can be translated Spanish:

  • Informed consent forms
  • Advanced directives
  • Pathology reports from foreign countries

To learn more about the language assistance program or the Department of Language and Cultural Services, call (951) 486-4320Download our Language Services Policy​.

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