WIC Card

Makes shopping with WIC easier than ever! Get started today by following the steps below:
Virtual appointments will get your WIC card by mail or pick-up it up at your local WIC site. Watch the video above for directions on how to activate the WIC card. The WIC program provides monthly benefits, to purchase healthy foods at most grocery stores. Not everything at the grocery store is eligible for purchase with your WIC Card, so know before you go. If you have Cal Fresh you can use it at the same time of purchase for foods not on the WIC List.

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Need a replacement Card: Lost, Stolen, or Damaged WIC Card

Visit your WIC office to replace your lost, stolen, or damaged WIC card. Or to report your WIC card lost, stolen or damaged, you can call toll-free number 1-844-469-3264. This phone number is available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach a live person at 1-844-469-3264 by stating you’ve lost your WIC card and then pressing star (*) when prompted. The toll-free number is located on your WIC card and appointment reminder card. However, we recommend you save the number elsewhere as well.  If you believe that your pin number has been compromised, please call the toll-free number to stop access to your card. Get your new WIC card here.