Behavioral Health Research & Evaluation

Research and Evaluation provides timely information to assist in implementing the goals of our department through regular collection and analysis of statistical information. This information is used to make recommendations to our existing and new programs, ultimately to enhance the quality of services to our consumers (from children to transitional age youth, and adults to older adults). Our activities include but are not limited to, developing evaluation protocols; designing survey questionnaires; conducting phone interviews; conducting statistical analyses; updating local and State-mandated reports; and evaluating existing programs and services.

Who We Serve

Riverside County Performance Dash Boards

The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) regularly publishes Dash Boards providing key data on mental health service delivery in Riverside County. Below are the links to the DHCS reports.

Children and Youth Performance Outcomes | ADA Version

Adult Performance Outcomes | ADA Version

Full Service Partnership Program Outcomes

The following are instructions and copies of the forms for Full Service Partnership (FSP) programs to use when collecting and submitting data. For more information on the Department’s FSP Programs, please see the information on the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).

Evidence-Based Programs

In President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health (April 29, 2002) President Bush called an order to “[i]dentify innovative mental health treatments, services, and technologies that are demonstrably effective and can be widely replicated in different settings” (Section 3-b). In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of mental health services, programs must be derived from generally accepted and scientifically-based research (i.e., evidence-based). One of our objectives is to facilitate our department in an on-going basis, so that consumers can receive services, which are grounded on scientific research and evidence.

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