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Medical Records


Location: Lower Level, RUHS Medical Center

​Hours: 8 a.m. – 5​ p.m., Monday through Friday

The Health Information Management Department (Medical Records) maintains medical patient data in a secure manner, allowing release only to recognized entities with a legal right to review the contents.

Please Note: The medical record is the property of the hospital. The patient does not automatically receive a copy of his/her medical record upon discharge from the hospital. Medical records must be completed by all physicians involved in the patient’s care prior to being copied and released to the patient. The patient may request to receive a copy of his/her medical record, upon completion of the appropriate authorization. A fee may be involved.

Medical Records Requests

Information about you and your health is confidential.

To obtain a copy of your medical records, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Download and complete the authorization form.

    Authorization for Patient to Access his or her Medical Records

    Please note: Unsigned requests will not be processed.

    2. Completed forms can be:

    • Dropped off at: RUHS – Medical Records Public Window, Located on the Lower Level (LL) of RUHS
    • Mailed to: Riverside University Health System – Health Information Management Department, 26520 Cactus Avenue, Moreno Valley CA 92555
    • Faxed to: 951-486-5075 Attn: Release of Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Is there a charge for copies?
A: Yes. Copies are 25 cents per page.

Q. May I request my records be electronically emailed to me or placed on a CD?
A: Currently RUHS can with your request place records on a CD (a fee may be involved). Records are not emailed at this time to protect confidentiality of our patients.

Q: May my spouse request and receive copies of my medical record?
A: With a Consent Form of Authorization, another person may request and receive copies of your medical record.

Q: When can I expect to receive my copies?
A: It may take up to 10 business days to fulfill your request. Requests for acute mental health records will require approval of release from the physician.

Q: Can the copies be mailed to me?
A: Copies will be mailed to the address specified on the Consent Form of Authorization or you may pick them up during hours of operation.

Q: I am a copy service or process server, when can I come to medical records for requests?
A: Copy services and/or process servers are able to come between the hours of 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Q: May I obtain a copy of my X-ray films from the medical records department?
A: Contact the medical imaging department at 951-486-4100.

Q: I have questions about my baby’s birth certificate.
A: Contact the birth registrar at 951-486-4045.

Q: I am a mortuary and requesting information on a death certificate.
A: Contact the decedent desk at 951-486-5040.

Additionally, the Health Information Management Department assists in the completion of disability and insurance ​Forms. Please contact our main Release of Information number above for additional information should you have questions.