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Program Description

The RCRMC Traditional Rotating Internship Program strives to recruit and train physicians from diverse backgrounds who are interested in providing healthcare to the underserved populations of Riverside County while receiving a high quality broad- based education. Our goal is to train physicians who will choose to practice in the underserved areas in Riverside County and the State of California.

It is the role of each department at RCRMC to carry out the mission of the hospital, including the education of residents, interns, medical students, and students in the allied health professions.

The Traditional Rotating Internship and Osteopathic residency programs at RCRMC were created in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) "Accreditation Document for Osteopathic Postdoctoral Training Institutions (OPTI) and the Basic Document for Postdoctoral Training Programs." This document can be found in PDF format on the AOA website,

The objective of the RCRMC Traditional Rotating Internship Program is to train a complete physician who is exceedingly competent in academic and clinical medicine and surgery, who practices medicine with kindness and compassion, who communicates with respectful logical actions and words, who integrates Osteopathic philosophy into the care of the entire person, who progressively improves the individual and societal practice of medicine, fostering education, camaraderie and cooperation, who excels in the business and professional aspect of medicine, nurturing growth, research, teaching, and best standards of practice, and who can solidify the many facets of medicine leading to improved patient care, public instruction and confidence. The program is designed to provide interns a thorough grounding in fundamental knowledge of medicine and surgery, as well as to develop diagnostic and therapeutic judgment along with the requisite surgical skills needed to practice medicine and surgery.

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