Traditional Rotating Internship Traditional Rotating Internship

Traditional Rotating Internship

​​​​Osteopathic Traditional Rotating Internship

The mission of the Traditional Rotating Internship (TRI) Program at Riverside County Regional Medical Center (RCRMC) is to provide a well-rounded foundation for post-graduate medical training while meeting the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) requirements for the traditional internship year. The program was awarded a five year accreditation cycle with no deficiencies sited after the last AOA accreditation review. We find that the interns who have joined our program were ultimately attracted to it because of the scope and volume of the clinical experience that is available at RCRMC as well as our committed and dedicated teaching faculty.

The RCRMC TRI Program is a one year training program that provides exposure to various core medical services as well as the opportunity to participate in elective rotations. This has allowed flexibility for residents who have been accepted into residency programs that require completion of an internship year. We are able to assist residents in meeting requirements for their chosen specialties. For those residents who are still undecided with regard to their eventual specialty, our program provides the opportunity for elective rotations which may, with the approval of the Program Director and DME, be utilized for audition rotations at facilities outside RCRMC.

The Program has incorporated the six AOA core competencies into our clinical curriculum and didactic program. OMM and OMT instruction has been integrated into each core competency. We are committed to ensuring that our residents are transformed through the year into competent, caring physicians. The internship year can be a stressful and demanding journey, however, we strive to make the experience as rewarding and positive as possible and hope that you will choose to take this journey with us.


Bret Powers, DO
Program Director
Traditional Rotating Internship

R. Corey Garrison, DO
Director of Osteopathic Graduate Medical Education

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