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Videotaping Policy

​​Videotaping Residents

Videotaping is done to assess the physician-patient interaction, particularly with emphasis on interviewing and counseling skills. All residents will be expected to complete the required videotaping encounters before graduation from the program.  The specific plan outlined below will be the basic requirement for all residents for videotaping. 

Videotaping will be carried out in the Family Care Clinic within RCRMC facility.  Patients will be specifically asked to participate in videotaping as part of their medical appointment.  Patients will indicate their approval by agreeing to sign a written consent form prior to any taping being recorded.  Residents who will be assigned to the specific exam room where the videotaping equipment is located are hereby notified that at any time during their patient visits in this room, they may be videotaped.  Tapings will be dependent upon the patient’s approval and the faculty’s availability.

All residents will be required to participate in videotaping at least twice during each year of their residency program. These tapings will be reviewed by the resident and the Behavioral Medicine faculty and/or an additional faculty member within the same day or week, otherwise special arrangements will be made to accommodate the faculty and resident’s schedules.  Specific attention will be paid to the resident’s interviewing skills, interpersonal skills, professionalism, and patient care as part of the core competency requirements designated within the ACGME for graduate medical education. 

The faculty members reviewing the taping will evaluate the resident’s physician-patient interaction and provide the resident with written and verbal feedback as a means of enhancing the resident’s performance in these core competency areas.