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Southern California Lifestyle

As residents of the UCR-RUHS MC Family Medicine Program you are surrounded by endless opportunities for leisure outside of the residency program both in the Inland Empire and in the surrounding counties of Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.

The city of Riverside has a growing downtown area with up and coming restaurants, bars, micro-breweries, museums, and live music venues. Usually after shifts the residents will get together in downtown Riverside to grab dinner and catch up. Of course, many of the residents will host barbecues, parties or a get-together in their homes on a regular basis. The residency program also offers ‘resident bonding’ time every few weeks in lieu of didactics to further strengthen social ties. Some of the activities residents participate in include bowling, go-karting and rock-climbing. Some of the residents attempt to meet up and play basketball after didactics on Thursday evenings as well.

For outdoor enthusiasts the Inland Empire serves as a gateway to many recreational activities. Big Bear and Mountain High are roughly an hour’s drive away, offering great snow conditions from November to March. Lake Arrowhead is a must visit spot with plenty of water activities. The San Jacinto and San Bernardino Mountains offer great hiking and camping opportunities. Of course, the beaches of L.A, Orange County, and San Diego are all within an hour's drive. Joshua Tree National Park is also a must visit with amazing stargazing opportunities.

Palm Springs and Las Vegas are also close drives from Riverside, both offering plenty of opportunities for relaxation and nightlife.

The magic of the Inland Empire is the combination of recreational activities within the area as well as the proximity of the I.E to surrounding counties of L.A, Orange County, and San Diego. This gives residents plenty of options when it comes to relaxing outside of the residency program.