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Journal Club

  1. Select an article that is related to a relevant clinical question you have on one of your patients.
  2. Meet with your Journal Club Faculty Advisor at least 2 weeks before your presentation to review and discuss the article selected.
  3. Please provide a copy of the selected article to Treva and Jenni 1 week prior to your journal club presentation date.
  4. Both residents should provide a handout including:
    1. The clinical scenario
      1. Provide a case summary which gives a relevant clinical question to be answered according to the topic you are assigned (i.e. Diagnosis, Prevention, Prognosis, Overview, Harm)
    2. Background
      1. Provide other related studies or background information to put this clinical question in perspective and to further support your stance
    3. A clear statement about what is being evaluated 
      1. the study’s null hypothesis, research question or objective
    4. The search method you used to obtain your particular article
    5. Outline of the study:
      1. Study design
      2. Flow-chart of  Methods
      3. Inclusion and exclusion criteria
      4. Outline of results
      5. Summary of conclusions
    6. Strengths and Weaknesses of Study
    7. Answer the questions specific to the type of article you are evaluating included in the manual User’s Guide to the Medical Literature
      1. Are the results of the study valid?
      2. Is it relevant to your patient population?
      3. Will this information change your practice?
  5. Attending to provide an explanation of assigned statistical method (i.e. sensitivity/specificity/likelihood ratios; relative risk; confidence interval; odds ratio; p value)
  6. Allow time for audience to ask questions.