Curriculum Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

Family Medicine Residency Educational Goals

​​General Educational Goals

To educate our residents in the broad spectrum of Family Medicine, provide an experience in a mix of extensive clinical pathology and prepare them for the challenges unique to populations in need.  Furthermore, it is to provide the academic tools to become life long learners, scholars and resourceful clinicians in an environment that provides nurturing support, embraces professionalism and offers a structured and balanced curriculum.

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Yearly Educational Goals

Postgraduate Year 1 (PGY - 1)
Perform a thorough history and physical examination; create an appropriate assessment and plan for common presenting problems; communicate effectively with patients, family members, and other health care personnel; and develop a trusting and therapeutic relationship with patients.  Appropriately manage 5 patients in an office half day.

Postgraduate Year 2 (PGY - 2)
Prioritize patient medical problems within the context of comprehensive, continuous care; create an appropriate assessment and management plan for most problems; demonstrate sensitivity and effective communication in challenging clinical situations; and order medications, tests, studies, and referrals in an appropriate and cost effective manner. ​ Appropriately manage 8 patients in an office half day.

Postgraduate Year 3 (PGY - 3)

Efficiently and concisely conduct patient visits and record relevant data; independently develop appropriate assessments and management plans for all patients; show evidence of ability to coordinate care among consultant physicians and other health care team members; and demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional development.  Appropriately manage 10 patients in an office half day.