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Print, review and complete any necessary paperwork prior to arriving on your first day.

Rotating Residents



If this is your first rotation at RUHS, please report to the GME Office at 7 am to register. The GME office will provide you with a badge and parking permit. Next, report to the Anesthesia Coordinator's Office (F2028) to submit completed paperwork and obtain scrub information. Be prepared for OR duties on your first scheduled shift


On your first day at RUHS, please park in employee parking lot. The GME office will issue you a parking permit and you will be able to park in the employee parking lot for the remainder of your rotation. If you park in physician or visitor parking with the parking permit you will receive a ticket.


All scheduling issues need to be submitted in writing and discussed with Dr. Dominguez, or if not available with other attending staff members. Any approved schedule change needs to be documented in writing and submitted to Dr. Dominguez.


If you are unexpectedly unable to complete your assigned shift it is your responsibility to first try to find a replacement among your colleagues. If this is not possible, contact the attending on-call through the OR front desk at 951-486-4572 or 951-486-4595. Again, all schedule changes must be coordinated and approved with Dr. Dominguez when possible.


You are responsible to attend all educational activities during your scheduled shifts. Monthly educational schedules are posted on the corkboard outside the anesthesia secretary's office and on the website. The only exceptions to the mandatory attendance are Wednesday monthly exams, department meetings and resident meetings.


Case assignments are made for the following day around 2:00pm. You are responsible for being prepared for each of your assigned case. The OR schedule with provider assignments is posted in a hanging bind in the Attending Office area. The schedule may change without notice; you are responsible to confirm assignments every morning and throughout the day.


  • Always treat others as you would want to be treated
  • You should always act as a team player
  • Your attitude goes a long way. Be respectful, courteous and helpful to all staff and visitors to our hospital
  • Return all pages promptly
  • Be thorough in your documentation
  • You are ultimately responsible for all medications you have withdrawn including proper labeling and disposal
  • If you make a mistake, take responsibility for it and correct it appropriately
  • Be on time to all lectures and meetings
We hope you enjoy your rotation here with us.  If you have any questions regarding your rotation or the attached documents, please do not hesitate to contact us at 951-486-4753.